Smiths Mini Mason Jar set of 6 ‘Chupito’ Shot Glasses with Lids – 2oz Per Shot Glass

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CHUPITO’S IS SPANISH FOR SOTS!!! The time you drank you favorite beverage out of ridiculous glasses are long gone… Tired of hunting all over the house searching for shot glasses when you have company? Frustrated of drinking your favorite beverage in half pint beer glasses or ridiculous shot glasses? No more worries!, the high quality set of 6 Mason jar shot glasses will allow you to enjoy the perfect shot of bourbon and shine with your friends. Never settle for less, because you deserve the very best. There is simply no substitute to Chupito Mini Mason jar shot glasses. This is the premium brand of shot glasses you must have in your collection. The high quality shot glasses will help you with your need to serve any flavor infused water or fruit juice. These are not only for whiskey and shine. Do not look unprepared in the eyes of your guests by serving the above beverages in beer mugs, wine glasses or syrup bottles. As you serve wine in wine glasses and champagne in champagne flutes, you absolutely need mini Mason jar shot glasses to serve whatever your tipple. Moreover, you will not find a better brand than Chupito! Chupito pays close attention even to the slightest detail to offer you the very best drinking experience. These make great salad dressing containers, or any other liquid and are guaranteed never to leak. They also make great spice and herb containers, great for transporting any liquid. Our customers are using them for all sorted of uses – Candle holders, mini glass jars for needlework, mini Dessert cups, wedding favors the list goes one………….


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