Meluoher Silicone Wine Glasses for Camping Unbreakable Rubber Wine Cups, Set of 4

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Stylish silicone stemless red wine glasses set for 4 go anywhere without concerns about breakage, scratches, or crack. They are drinking unbreakable rubber wine glasses durable, reusable and easy to wash. Drink with white wine, champagne, soda, beer, whiskey, or your favorite cocktail.100% Food Grade Silicone by FDA approved & unbreakable for Camping, BBQ, Party Cups, Poolside. To avoid broken glassware. Wine sippy cup, and no paper or plastic cup will do. Great gift for yourself and for occasions: wedding favors, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, house warmings, and graduations you name it! Wine cup. The lovely features also can be great gift for wine lover. Unlike glass drinking cups, those silicone stemless wine glasses will never leak, and easy to pack. Made of 100% BPA-free, FDA & LFGB approved food-grade clear silicone, shatterproof wine glasses. Easy clean, dishwasher safe, red solo wine cup. Those cup perfect crystal party cheap red wine glasses for the poolside, beach, BBQ, camping or picnics, as they can be easily packed in your bag, also as girl’s night out wine glasses. Not just for wine! Fill your large unbreakable wine glass with water, champagne, beer, soda, juice or your favorite cocktail. Easily stored in the freezer, won’t crack or shatter when their contents freeze. Microwave/oven safe. Safe from -40 F to +482 F. 12 oz. / 330ml. Please note: The product is not so really white, influence by the light. It is matte affection. Disinfect by boiling water before use, place it at cleanliness area.


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