Lyon Absinthe Glass, without Cuts, Set of 2 & 10 Sugar Cubes (5 packets)

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This mouth blown absinthe glass is an exact replica that would have been commonly found throughout France in the 1800’s. The glass features an easy to see reservoir (the area at the bottom of the glass where the absinthe is poured and measured) making gauging a serving of absinthe easy . The reservoir sometimes varies, as the glasses are handmade and mouth blown. The glass has been made in the same proportions as an original piece from over 100 years ago. Reservoirs in absinthe glasses tend to vary greatly depending on the size of the glass. As an absinthe is made to one’s taste, the ratio of absinthe to water generally ranges from 1 part absinthe to 3 – 5 parts water. Includes 5 sugar packets (10 sugar cubes). Each packet contains 2 European sized sugar cubes. Packet measures 1.25′ long x 5/8′ wide x 3/8′ high. White, medium fine beet sugar. White text on green wrapper. Made in Europe.


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