Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Lounge Long Drink Glasses, Ice, 12-1/2 Oz, Set of 6

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Color:Ice The fine tradition of the Bormioli Rocco Group coincides with the very history of glass: the first glassworks was established in Parma in 1825. The company has always demonstrated a great drive to pioneer innovation: in machinery, materials and design. Over the years it has developed a special talent, that of combining time-honored craftsmanship and the passion of master glassmakers with modern industrial processes. Bormioli Rocco is the leading company in its sector in Italy and a great ambassador of the Made in Italy label on international markets. Respect for tradition, passion for good taste and constant research and innovation are Bormioli Rocco’s milestones to create products that meet the needs of the consumers. For Bormioli Rocco the respect for the environment; it’s a must so its entire manufacturing process is oriented towards a mission of social and environmental responsibility.


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