25 Pack EZ-InjectTM Jello Shot Syringes (Medium 1.5oz)

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Product Description

Size:25 Pack  |  Color:Medium The World Famous EZ-Inject™ Jello Shot Syringes are a great way to serve your 1.5 ounce jello shots! Liquor shot syringes are cool and unique for Halloween adult party. Shot syringes injectors are always a hit at any nightclub, bar or home party. This is one of the great party ideas for nurses at nursing graduation party. Jello shots syringes are a fun way to promote and celebrate your tasty jello shots and with no mess, they keep your party or venue clean! Our EZ-Inject liquid shot syringes are custom MADE for jello shots, they have a long tip with an extra-wide opening at the bottom, so the contents squirt out with ease! EZ jello shot syringes are so quick and easy to fill! Just pull back on the jello syringe, and ‘suck-in’ the jello shot mixture, allow shots to chill for few hours, and then push the shots out! Each Jello shot syringes injectors injector comes completely assembled with a top quality barrel, plunger, and over sized cap. . High Quality FDA Approved Dishwasher Safe Product!!!


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